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Positive Daily Affirmation Cards

Positive Daily Affirmation Cards

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Our Pink Positive Affirmation Cards with 30 positive mood-boosting daily affirmations help bring some positivity to your day.

Affirmations are short positive first-person statements that you can say out loud or in your head. They're a great way to set a positive intention for the day. Affirmation cards are used in several ways:
Daily Positivity - Lay the cards face down, close your eyes, and pick a card (or keep your eyes open and choose a card you are drawn to). You can pick your card first thing in the morning, before bed, or whenever you need a little boost throughout the day.
Ask a specific question - Close your eyes, ask a question, and pick a card. Hopefully, you'll find some wisdom you are looking for.
Meditation Mantras - Pick a card and use it to set the intention of your meditation. You can also repeat the affirmation in your head if you lose focus.
Decorate - You can frame the cards, stick them on walls, near a mirror, decorate your desk, or even keep a card that resonates with you in your bag or car.
Give to friends - If there are specific cards that remind you of a friend, why not send them a picture or give the card to them.

Choose between a digital download or physical cards.
You will receive the digital file within 24 hours.

If you choose physical cards:
The purchase includes:
30 double-sided positive affirmations + 1 instruction card professionally printed on FSC card from a sustainably sourced forest. The cards come inside a custom made pink/lilac box.
Size 89x127 mm - 3.5x5 inches

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